From biopics transcending race and preference especially challenging the political system in place, to a trilogy following a couple and questioning intimacy, to racial injustice in a police department. This week we keep you on the edge of your sit while melting your heart away.



Based on “The Loving Story” by Nancy Buirski, Loving, is actress Ruth Negga’s break Oscar-nominated break out role, a performance that left critics stunned.

The Loving’s are an interracial couple who against state regularity gets married in 1958 America, where it is still frowned upon for an interracial couple to get married.

When Mildred and Richard defile the norms, they soon become the bedrock for other couples in the same position, when they take to court to challenge the state of Virginia, after they were arrested and thrown out.


Although the Loving’s seem to be a calm and collected couple, they showcase not all revolution require violence. When Richard says we may lose the small battles, but we win the big war, you cannot help but admire their resilience.

Between racist metaphors from the Sheriff, and the inability of the law to see beyond itself, and the reality of how baseless and disgusting racial bias is, the movie is a 9/10.

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In 2009 actor Sean Penn won an Oscar for his portray of queer civil rights activist Harvey Milk, who also is the first openly queer official elected into public office in California.

Harvey obviously did not get the cheap victory. As we are introduced to Harvey on his fortieth birthday, he is also coming into his own to know that for change to occur, action must be taken and he cannot take that action alone.


What is so enigmatic to see about Harvey, is his ability to convince, oh boy can he get your attention. In his pursuit for the basic right for the queer community, he manages to bring a large number of straight people to join his course in the 1970s.

This is not a political statement, this is a movie about people, about their lives, people accused of pedophilia, people who were told they were wrong to exist, people who were told they would corrupt society, that they were sick, people whose lives depended on societal acceptance. Milk makes this clear when he said to Dan White that, it’s not about jobs or rights, but that it’s their lives that they were and still are fighting for.

It may not be the 70s but society has not progressed much and this movie should raise up those difficult conversations within viewers, it’s a 9.2/10.

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Our first take at a trilogy, the trilogy is known as the ‘Before‘ trilogy and consists of three films which star Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy at three different phases in their life.

Before Sunrise‘ which is the first of the three follows the meeting of a young American man called Jesse who has few hours to spend in Europe and decides to spend these hours with Celine.


As they talk and get to know each other, nothing else matters, this is the proper utilization of the word dialogue. As they talk, they both understand after their meeting on the train, this night in Vienna may be their last time together, but is it?

Meanwhile, Jesse is here to see his girlfriend who is studying in Madrid, but they had broken up shortly after he came, and as they discuss he realizes that she too was in a relationship not long ago with a man who thought she loved him too much. They soon after sharing a kiss realize there was a budding connection.

They encounter a street poet, go to a café, and even seemingly had sex and by the next morning at the train station both decide not to share each other contacts and decide to come back there in 6 months. The exploration of the characters’ lives with the dialogue is extremely brilliant and the movie a 9/10.

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In continuation of the trilogy, ‘Before Sunset‘ is the sequel to ‘Before Sunrise‘. This is 9 years later and they are in Paris, for another single day, again.

Here, the bedrock of their conversations begs the question, what could have been, if both of them had given in to their desire and feeling for each other?

By this time, Jesse had written a best-selling book called ‘This Time‘ about the events of that night and embarks on a book tour, and on his Europe stop, we continue.

In the book store where he is doing the reading, three journalists, one who is convinced the characters will meet again, another who wants them to but is skeptical, and the last who is convinced they will never meet. As this banter goes on, Jesse looks up and he locks eyes with Celine who is smiling at him.


This time Jesse has a flight to catch, they agree to get coffee, where Celine discusses why she had not returned after 6 months as agreed. Jesse claims he too did not but he actually did return. Their conversations get deeper and their emotions quickly rekindle even though Jesse is now married with a kid and she is seeing someone else.

Later that night, as she dances to Nina Simone, she says “Baby… you are gonna miss that plane.” Jesse says “I know.” And we know the movie is a 9/10.

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It’s another 9-year jump and we meet a married Jesse and Celine. This time they are married, they have twin girls.

On ‘Before Sunset’ Jesse revealed he was married with a son called Hank. Now from their discussions, we know that Jesse is divorced and Hank now lives with his mother in Chicago.

They discuss the world, their lives. After Hank returns to his mother, they discuss their career and the girls. Celine is considering a job with the French government and Jesse is now a successful writer.


They have dinner with friends and it is the same as before, everything happens within their discourse. They leave for a hotel for a night alone.

We soon learn Hank has a better relationship with Celine, the couple has a difficult and soon reconcile but all in all, this is the best climax to the trilogy.

The couple is more relatable, their conversations are deeper and more personal, and the movie is another knockout 9/10.

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Set in the city of Jersey, this 10 episode miniseries stars multiple Emmy Award Winner, Regina King. It is about the racial injustice in the police department in Jersey in an attempt to cover-up a police killing.

For this series, it is clear that as the plot thickens so does the tone and it makes even the audience uncomfortable. The actors did a terrific job at capturing your attention to the central issues raised.


A young black cyclist by the name Brenton Butler is killed by a cop while on his bike. His body dragged off and the police department will stop at nothing to cover up the crime. African Americans and the white cops in the town must now come to a front about racial injustice. Claire-Hope Ashitey who plays KJ the assistant prosecutor is determined to pursue the case as what it is, a hate crime.

With each episode the story gets better, the writing is simply brilliant. What stands out is the fact that the story presents itself and leave its viewer to their conscience as to what is right or wrong.  It does not draw up that conclusion for the audience.

Seven Seconds is definitely not like anything you expect out of it. It is not about activism and social injustice but a question on humanity. It is a necessary watch and a 9/10.

DOWNLOAD: https://o2tvseries.com/Seven-Seconds/index.html
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