This is another weekend again, and to usher you into your well deserved weekend of relaxation and entertainment with bae, alone, or the fam, is our carefully curated list of movies and a television series for your viewing pleasure.


This is a worthy adaptation and I am sure that Terry McMillan must have been proud of the finished work.

Waiting to Exhale chronicles the life of four friends who bond over the issues associated with the male folk. They all carry different versions of problems of men.

While Gloria played by Loretta Devine finds love in her new neighbor, Bernadine loses her husband to his mistress. This produces one of the most memorable scenes in the movie as she proceeds to burn her husband’s stuff.

On the other hand, both Robin and Savannah, played by Lela Rochon and Whitney Houston respectively go into illicit affairs with married men in the hopes that the men will leave their wives.

Directed by Forrest Whitaker, Waiting to Exhale is a delve into the structure of relationships. It is not an attack on man’s character, 7/10.



Anything the Coen Brothers make is worth watching and when it also stars one of their wives, Frances McDormand, it is a must-watch.

Frances McDormand cemented her name permanently as one of the leading ladies of Hollywood with this role as Marge Gunderson, a pregnant officer on duty.

When a husband named Jerry Lundegaard decides to capture his wife in the hopes of extorting money from his father in law. He soon finds himself on a bind when Marge gets persistent with the investigation.

When the kidnappers commit homicide in their attempt to escape, they leave Marge a trace leading back to them.

The characters are well written, it is even more tragic that this is a true story. However, Marge is the one to look out for, her pregnancy symbolically gives hope to the world.

This weekend, Fargo will keep you amazed, the movie is a 9.5/10.



Most likely one of the most peculiar thing about this movie is the case choice, Connie Britton, Tony Hale, John Leguizamo, Kristen Stewart, Topher Grace, and Jesse Eisenberg. This is not exactly a pair you dream up every day.

The thing that works most for this movie is the actors, and not exactly the plot. Jesse and Kristen carry the entire movie completely on their backs.

Jesse’s character, Mike Howell who is basically a stoner had recently discovered that he is a CIA agent. He learns he has been in training unknown to him, he also learns he has been marked a liability and must now been taken out.

He learns about his girlfriend’s involvement in the training. He goes on a wild adventure in trying to escape the CIA.

The plot is completely fresh, the direction is what works for it but the screenplay could have been better but it guarantees entertainment. It is a 6.8/10.



This action/SciFi flick stars Rosa Salazar in the lead, but the supporting cast members are extremely remarkable, from Mahershala Ali to Christoph Waltz, and even Jennifer Conelly.

This movie could be described as a robotic or bionic coming of age story. Alita is a deactivated cyborg who is discovered and restored by Ido, a doctor.

Alita knows nothing of herself or her origin and goes on a quest to discover who she really is. This leads her into the world of bot battles, one which Ido does not desire to see her in.

Alita takes place in 2563, this is 300 hundred years after a war that literally destroys the earth. So a lot of tech goes into the making of this film which is actually based on a Japanese Manga.

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A strong point for the film, is the way the characters are humanized. The relationship between Christoph Waltz and Alita is completely explored and it shows.

The movie is a 7.1/10.



When most people hear “A streetcar named desire” they instantly think the play by Tennessee Williams.

Like most great adaptations, writer Tennessee Williams also wrote the screenplay. The movie ended up winning 4 Oscar awards and stars most famously Vivien Leigh and Marlon Brando.

The movie tells the tale of Blanche DuBois, who comes to live with her sister Stella in her home in New Orleans where she lives with her husband Stanley Kowalski. This is a typical tale in an America cinema, the tale of the unwinding of an emotionally distraught woman like Cate Blanchett in Blue Jasmine.

Blanche is a disgraced Southern Belle who had lost everything she knows and owns to creditors, but must keep up the mirage of an eyebrow lifestyle she would so long to hold on to. She sees nothing right about her sisters living condition and marriage to Stanley, her complaints and lies.


Soon enough the Kowalski’s will discover her pretentious story for why she’s visiting is all a front. We see her clash with Stanley, we hear the tales of Belle Reves, and we explore a new romance brewing for her, a violation that eventually breaks her, and watch her taken away to an asylum.

“A streetcar named desire” holds a wealth a morals and complexity and it’s a 9.2/10.




This miniseries proves Kristen Dunst undeniable talent again, although the actress had spoken out about her being at the bottom of the barrel among Hollywood actresses.

This dark comedy takes place in Central Florida in 1992, Krystal, a minimum wage-earning water aerobics coach will stop at nothing to see her family at the top of the food chain.

Through her husband played by actor Alexander Skarsgard, she gets involved in the Founders American Merchandise (FAM), a billion-dollar pyramid scheme. The scheme, which its members will never fully acknowledge to themselves is a sham, is the opportunity, Krystal capitalizes for her dreams. They led to her husband’s death and now she must take what to her is hers.

Kristen Dunst seems to be on a row given her daring performance in the television adaptation of Fargo, and now this. She is delightful, quirky, and determined beyond imagination. The show depicts the 90’s nostalgia very well.

The show is an 8/10.

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